Let's Build Something Together


Housing Authoriy of the City of Pine Bluff

I am happy to recommend S.E. Clark and Associates.  Their familiarity with affordable housing programs and financing options, their professionalism, and their commitment to success and to the goals of our housing authority have made them a joy to work with.  I cannot imagine a better developer.

- Jeannie H. Epperson, Executive Director


Menard County Housing Authority

We feel we chose wisely in selecting S.E. Clark and Associates as our developer for County Estates.  We could not have done without their knowledge of affordable housing programs and financing strategies.  Their unstinting work ethic and insistence on getting the job done right and on time were key ingredients in the success of the County Estates project.  Their top priority was always focused on realizing the goals of the Menard County Housing Authority.  I am pleased to recommend S.E. Clark and Associates.

- Anne R. Smith, Executive Director


Fort Smith Housing Authority

We could not have accomplished all that we did without the talent, expertise and drive of S.E. Clark and Associates.  We are most appreciative of S.E. Clark and Associates' willingness to share their expertise and assist us in building an in-house development capability.  We have matured from having S.E. Clark and Associates doing nearly all development tasks to now where we rely on them to partner with us for specialized knowledge and expertise as circumstances require.  Our relationship with S.E. Clark and Associates is dynamic and ongoing, and we wouldn't have it any other way.  Their commitment to getting the job done is absolute.  We are pleased to recommend S.E. Clark and Associates in the strongest terms.

- Kenneth L. Pyle, Executive Director


Jacksonville Housing Authority

Throughout the entire development process, S.E. Clark and Associates worked closely with the Jacksonville Housing Authority, keeping us informed of progress and problems, and ensuring that development activities were completed on time and within budget.  Their knowledge of financing programs and regulatory requirements and their unflagging dedication to getting the job done were essential ingredients in making The Meadows a reality.  The Jacksonville Housing Authority is deeply gratified by the successful and timely development of the Meadows and is pleased to recommend the services of S.E. Clark and Associates.

- Mike Wilkson, Chairman, Board of Directors


Christian County Integrated Community Services

We could not have achieved the timely closing of the Pana Towers deal without the work done for us by S.E. Clark and Associates.  It is impossible to overstate the contribution their development expertise, their extensive knowledge of HUD programs, their network of financial-industry contacts, and their dogged determination to succeed in the face of adversity has made to the success of the Pana Towers project.  We are happy to recommend S.E. Clark and Associates without reservation.

-Jeff Copley, Secretary/Treasurer


Rock Island Housing Authority

I want to commend you on the great working relationship we have had since 2009.  You have helped to improve the affordable housing stock in the City of Rock Island.  We truly appreciate your assistance.

- Susan Anderson, Executive Director